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Last Name:Shepard
First Name:William
Middle Initial:M
Home State:Minnesota
County or Town:St. Paul
Year or Date born:1/21/1919
Year or Date died:4/15/1945
Branch of service:Army
Location(s) served:Italy
Where buried?:Florence American Cemetery
What did you learn with this action?:I learned more about regarding the soldier as an individual, instead of as an idea. They are people with real, normal, tangible dreams and plans for the future. I think sometimes that's easy to forget, but it's of the utmost importance that we remember that about our soldiers.
What inspired you about this individual to do something in your life to make a difference?:Captain Shepard was held in such high esteem by his regiment. He put himself last and picked up his fellow men. I could stand to learn from his examples of self-sacrifice.
Submitter Name:nanjan4
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