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Last Name:Spears
First Name:Marvin
Middle Initial:
Home State:Florida
County or Town:Pinellas County
Year or Date born:
Year or Date died:30/12/1944
Branch of service:Army
Location(s) served:
Where buried?:Florence American Cemetery
What did you learn with this action?:By completing this action and researching this individual, I have learned far more about the lives of the American soldiers buried here in Florence than I ever knew before.
What inspired you about this individual to do something in your life to make a difference?:Learning about the lives and deaths of these soldiers has inspired me with the desire to tell others about their impact on the war and essentially on the lives of American citizens. I want people to know about this cemetery and the significance of those buried here. Researching Marvin and seeing the number of people buried here reminds me that each person is important. Taking the time to recognize, if only for a moment, one person and the value of their life is important.
Submitter Name:BrandonRickett
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