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Last Name:Lamer
First Name:L
Middle Initial:Hughes
Home State:USA
County or Town:May 20, 1925
Year or Date born:1944
Year or Date died:Navy
Branch of service:Navy
Location(s) served:North Africa, Italy
Where buried?:plot A Row 12 Grave 5
What did you learn with this action?:I learned to appreciate the various millions of people that fought and died living a selfless life of service. It opened my eyes to greater things and showed me the significance and importance of this kind of history.
What inspired you about this individual to do something in your life to make a difference?:The day we spent at the WW2 cemetary was very emotional hearing stories, and seeing how much it meant to robbie, and our tour guide. These people burried were peoples loved ones and it means a lot to the family for their names and stories to be out there.
Submitter Name:haleyanzalone
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