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Last Name:William
First Name:L
Middle Initial:Higgin
Home State:Lakewood
County or Town:N/A
Year or Date born:September
Year or Date died:Army
Branch of service:Army
Location(s) served:Italy
Where buried?:Florence American Cemetary
What did you learn with this action?: He received a silver star and a purple heart. William was a dedicated radio operator; many times he put himself in dangerous situations in order to ensure that his battalion kept connection. He received his star for keeping communication lines open in heavy enemy fire. He left a wife, mother, and two brothers and sisters behind. William postumously got his silver star. His body was moved to the cemetary in 1949.
What inspired you about this individual to do something in your life to make a difference?:Each solider buried here is more than just a name on a headstone. They have stories and families they left behind. We need to make sure they aren't forgotten because if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have the priviledges we do today. William Higgin's bravery impressed me. I hope I can face every situation with as much strength as he did!
Submitter Name:rbrock
Make your Name public:HARDING UNIVERSITY