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Last Name:Silberman
First Name:William
Middle Initial:
Home State:NY
County or Town:Hurleyville
Year or Date born:
Year or Date died:12/4/1945
Branch of service:Army
Location(s) served:Italy
Where buried?:Memorialized, Tablets of the Missing, Florence American Cemetery
What did you learn with this action?:That every soldier that dies is a tragedy. A victory at the cost of a single life is too high a price. Every one of these men had hopes and dreams, families and friends; their deaths weren't just numbers on military reports. For more information on William Silberman, visit
What inspired you about this individual to do something in your life to make a difference?:He was fully aware that he was going to die soon. He wrote a letter to be sent to his family in the event of his death. Nonetheless, he went on bravely and willingly, proud to serve his country. I hope that in my life I can have the same strength of courage that he displayed.
Submitter Name:hjackson
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