Mission Statement: Learning about those who risked their lives
to save others and inspire people to take action.
Each person, every action, large or small makes a difference.


Every good action, no matter how big or small, makes a difference; we all have an opportunity to be the difference. If you are not indifferent, things can be different.

Stories of goodness amidst evil are all around us. We highlight inspiring stories of people who are not bystanders, who take action and help others. We can learn from members of the Armed Forces, those honored at Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations for risking their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust and local Good Samaritans who just do the right thing.

We see good stories on the news, in social media, in documentaries, movies and books. Perhaps you have your own story. I do. Two strangers saved my life one night in New York City. They are extraordinary examples of Good Samaritans and were honored by Pope Francis for their selfless actions.
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Elizabeth Bettina with Pope Francesco

Students and all members of the community will learn history from a different point of view; about those who took action, were not "Bystanders" and made a difference. We hope these examples encourage people to be positive participants in life, engaging in a small action being the difference. We ask you to post their action on the Facebook page, Be the Difference - Never Again.

By focusing on positive actions, "Never Again"  is possible.

                                    Elizabeth Bettina


Share the Candle and...

"If you are not indifferent - things can be different."
"We must remember - not to forget."

Elizabeth Bettina