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  Last Name First Name Middle Initial Home State County or Town Year or Date born Year or Date died Branch of service Location(s) served Where buried?
Holland Ace W North Carolina April 16, Army Florence, Italy
Sullivan Robert Georgia 9/15/1944 Army Florence, Italy
Carlisle Lester C Florida Dad 1923 11/19/44 Army France Epinal American Cemetery, France
Redden Lawrence G. Kentucky Army
Fred Reynolds Texas Army
Petrie John S. Michigan 1945 Army Florence American Cemetary
Bevan, Jr. Walter E. Pennsylvania West Chester 2/10/1921 9/3/1943 Air Forces Florence American Cemetery
Baker Addison E. Ohio 8/1/1943 Air Forces Rumania American Florence Cemetery
Harmon Roy W. California Pixley 1915 08/12/1944 Army Florence, Italy
Ricken Alfred New Jersey Union County 1915 02/25/1945 Army Italian Campaign - KIA Florence American Cemetery
Montgomery Harry New York 1914 03/03/1945 Army Italy Florence American Cemetery
Palmer Fred M Maine Kennebec County 1921 3-5-45 Army Italy Florence American Cemetery
Rinfret Alan H New York 03/25/1945 Army Italian Campaign - KIA Florence American Cemetery
Carr Paul B California Redding 07/25/1915 04/15/1945 Army Hawaii, Italy Florence American Cemetery
Huckabee Walter R Colorado 1945 Army 10th Mountain Divison Florence American Cemetary
Dean Okey C Colorado 1945 Army Florence American National Cemetery
Mappes Lee B. Wisconsin 4/15/1945 Army Florence American Cemetery
Morgan Elmer L. Montana Fergus 1923 1943 Army Florence
Tiesmaki Hannu K. J. New York Rouses Point 8/3/1917 2/21/1945 Army Italy Florence America Cemetery
Burger Leroy C Ohio 04-14-1945 Army Italy Florence American Cemetary