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  Last Name First Name Middle Initial Home State County or Town Year or Date born Year or Date died Branch of service Location(s) served Where buried?
Spears Marvin Florida Pinellas County 30/12/1944 Army Florence American Cemetery
Livio Vieceli Westmoreland County 1916 3/26/1944 army Army Florence Italy
Higgin William L Ohio Lakewood 09/21/44 Army Italy Florence American Cemetery
Pacifico Vincent P New Jersey 1944 Army Rome
McLaughlin John F NJ Teaneck 1917 10/05/1944 Army Italy Florence American Cemetery and Memorial in Plot A, Row 6, Grave 15
Ohme Herman W Alabama Alexander City 03/31/1907 10/14/1944 Army Italy Florence American Cemetery in Florence, Italy
Tolbert Winfred W Alabama 4-21-1945 Army Plot C Row 2 Grave 31
Millett Susan C New York 06/24/1945 Army Italy Florence, Italy
Gibson St. Clair M. Connecticut 18/11/1944 Army Florence American Cemetery
Brown Charles E Kentucky Frymire 6/1/1918 4/9/1945 Air Forces Italy Florence, Italy
Sommer Leo Michigan 30/09/1944 Army Italy Florence American Cemetery
Crow Aurthor L. Oklahoma 04/23/1944 Air Forces Hungary
Calhoun Archie C Arkansas Hempstead County 1/10/1925 3/4/1945 Army Italy Florence, Italy
Jensen Jerald B California Air Forces Florence American Cemetery Plot G Row 2 Grave 30
Park Norman E Ohio Army Florence American Cemetery Plot C Row 15 Grave 8
Baker Albert W Kentucky USA 11/02/1945 Army Plot A Row 10 Grave 39
Field Ernest R. Wyoming USA 2/5/1944 Army Florenence American Cemetery
Davis Haywood Pennsylvania 9/14/1944 Army Florence American Cemetery
Mann Glenn E Pennsylvania 6-20-1944 Army Florence Italy
Grace Cornice D Wisconsin 1945 Army Florence