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Veterans Day and Memorial Day experiences on video

The National Archives and Records Administration is the original source of the WWII photos.

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World War II Statistics

  • 405,399         Killed
  • 670,846         Wounded
  • 16,112,566    Served

Take Action

Please consider donating to the four not-for-profit foundations suggested that help veterans, their families and the WWII Museum. You can donate in the name of a service member that you learned about from the websites provided.


I learned that every single headstone represents the life of an actual, ordinary person. I learned that each veteran has a unique and interesting story, even if we have very little or no information about the person.    (Katie Alexander)


Learning about the lives and deaths of these soldiers has inspired me with the desire to tell others about their impact on the war and essentially on the lives of American citizens... Taking the time to recognize, if only for a moment, one person and the value of their life is important.  (Brandon Rickett)


I learned that honoring soldiers is important so as to not forget their sacrifice, but also in order to raise awareness to keep horrors like the war from happening again. I also learned to value human life, as I feel like in wartime sometimes people become numbers and statistics, but they have stories.  (Alyssa Hoover)

"Be the Difference - Never Again" highlights those who risked their lives to save others, inspiring us to take action in our lives. It begins with World War II and Holocaust stories remembering the 75th Anniversary of the end of World War II.